Your Opinion is not my reality!!!

What do you see when you look at yourself as well as your life…Ever so often we look at the person in the mirror but do we actually love that person more than others…



I have not blogged this week because I allowed someone else opinion of me to affect me.. Which was a vital mistake that I had made….Then today I bumped into someone whom I have known for years and the first thing he asked was “why are you so scarce , why do we not see you anymore is it because you up in the world now”….. WOW!! for a second there I nearly lost my nerve , but I looked at him and knew that he said that because the last time he saw me , if he had uttered that crap he would have gotten an reaction out of me.. But now dude I just looked at him and replied with sometimes we just don’t roll with those whom we use too and there’s nothing wrong with it. And the sad part of most peeps reality is that they do not understand that we as humans we evolve we ever changing. It does not mean that I am not longer burning up your phone with messages and calls that automatically you no longer part of my life. No I still keep my friends close , I still pray for them we just do not need to spend every moment in one another faces to prove a friendship. We all have lives and things to do and thats life, be the person who understands that , be the person who gets that life is busy and people change all the time some for the good some for the bad. Be the change that you want to see in yourself and if people dont like that it means they pissing in your clouds and never wished happiness for your in the first place……. But walking to work I kept thinking how often do we as humans over think others opinions of ourselves. And why do we do that crap to our minds. Your mind is the one part of your body that can actually make you so sick. Feed it well , prolong its cycle with you.

Last week someone told me that I seem to think everyone is good in the world and that I enforce my thoughts and schooling onto others. Of course my argument was if you can not find a good person , be a good person…. And as I was walking  , stuck in my bubble thinking like why would I even allow someone else’s opinion of me piss on my Friday or even my week. And I realised that I didn’t over react or blow my top off at those comments. Instead I accepted it , embraced it but most of all I let it go because it did not fit my mind or life. I think I have completely embraced how not to  give a fudge over things that does not bring me peace , or happiness or any type of Joy……

Way to many times I have seen people drive themselves crazy over the opinions of others and they over work their minds to change and conform to what these sheep want out of them…..You know what screw that nik-naks and go buy yourself some popcorn. After many years one thing that I am proud of myself for is the fact that I can look in the mirror and freaking love the person whom I staring at. That peeps is my reality and I freaking love it… So don’t allow the opinions of others be your reality , instead walk to the beat of your own drum, make some rules, learn some new rules then break some but most importantly follow your own damn rules…



And to the person who disagreed with my thoughts and thinks that I am too good for this world ….well here’s a bit of kicker am here to stay……and as my daily Sunshine Sally reminds me everyday don’t fit in the box, don’t be outside the box , dont be the box because there aint no freaking box…. Much Love , light and Rays of hope .

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