Your Voice, your season…

I have not blogged for a while mainly because I have been feeling off and had too many topics to choose from. But this one topic has been heavy on my heart and mind.


It’s hard to write when you have so much weight on your heart. I use to feel like nothing could get me down when it came to my writing until someone who meant the world to me discouraged my writing by saying I write to much “keep three lines “ ….it took some time for me to shake that feeling and to know that I am better than this.  Until I sat in a car with a coffee, music and some really good company watching the waves at 02:00 in the morning. Made me realise that the world isn’t such a bad space and there are some people that actually care about what I have to say no matter how many words there may be.


I never understood the phrase some people are a season and some a lesson. I have had so many of those you would think I am use to it nah I am not. But this season of my life I look at differently I see things differently.  And I guess that comes with realizing that you are the key to your happiness. Have you ever stopped to look at how the birds fly or the way the clouds form? Trust me it’s something to experience once you open yourself to it. So I have taken on a challenge and that I to look at my season and accept what I cannot and live for what I can.  So here’s to the few that read my blogs take a book and a pen and make note of all the things you noticed about you’r day that you never noticed before. Note down your appreciation for whatever it may be. But never let another person stop you from using your words or your feelings.


And from me for today I appreciate the sound of my daughter’s voice ….. here’s to your season and to your words….

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