Online Forest of Dating???? Surprise!! Ray did it……

Well Surprise, surprise…. Guess who joined the cyber world of online chatting???

To be or not to be?” The famous opening rhetorical phrase by Prince Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet has taken a modern stance – “To trust a matchmaker or an online dating service?” Well, that is the contemporary practical question by many South African singles looking for true love and deep long-lasting connection. If you expect a relevant answer, then you should stop trusting advertising and promotion bans and have your own personal investigation to find out pros and cons of each service.

Hey cyber world of blogging, I know I have not blogged for a minute.. I have been busy on my hustle as well as life. But in between tried out this crazy thing called online dating…….. no I am not doing it anymore. This world just isn’t for me.  It feels like something to the beat of Hail Mary by Tupac

Come with me, Hail Mary

Run quick see, what do we have here

Now, do you want to ride or die

La dadada, la la la la – TuPac

So as a normal old school single mom I decided what the heck let me check this buzz out and sorry this just aint for me. One thing I did not get like why would someone who is in a relationship be representing himself as single?? Dude nooo, just a nooo man…..

Then some people that know me very well, know that I have this weird ability to find out finer details about someone based on just your phone number. Let’s say one dude should consider leaving the country soon, all those sites his registered too… damn guy

But jokes aside like what it feels like to other single moms out there in this forest of cyber profiles. Do you really feel comfortable telling a random stranger thing about you? Like what happened to speed dating or wait those days when a gent walked up to a girl and asked her number. I think I preferred those days, mainly because it shows you have balls to walk up to a gal all confident with a hip and skip to your step. Lolzzzzz major throwback hey I hope that didn’t make me seem way too old.

Its scary out there with these strangers and don’t get me wrong I met some really cool individuals whom I am sure I will have a lifelong friendship with. One of my cyber chats turned into a very good friend of mine, heck when I am in a twist he is always a call away. And I mean that’s like a 1 out of 10 of people being real.  But how real can you be on these sites.  Being real according to me it’s quite personal and how do you be real with someone whom you don’t know from a bar of soap? Heck call it my own fears it does take balls to do online chats with random strangers. But what I found most scary how this one dude I was chatting to for about all of four hours and then I logged off. And when I logged back on he kind of sent off this explosive vibes as in asking why I am not speaking to him. Am I entertaining other guys? Like dude you don’t even know me? Least of all I don’t even know you Adam calm your left ball and stick to your bubble…

But how do you put that fear away for reals and embrace the chat rooms. I have read about couples meeting up on sites such as Tinder and actually ending up getting married. Guess I am too weird to open up myself like that. I want to know what makes your happy but I want to see that glow of your eyes when you speak of what makes you happy. You aint going to see that through chat….

Oh and my word the fake profile pics …why? Do you not know that I know how Tom Hardy looks like? My Monday man crush at least once a month. Don’t get it twisted please because I know he does not live on some farm somewhere in Africa……. Would I create a profile again I don’t think so. Would I give a random guy a chance to give me his number maybe?

Online dating reminds me of Drakes – Nice for what …. Have you ever checked out the lyrics I think that song got me once I heard it because to me in my own mind it relates me to “nice for what “


You ain’t stressin’ off no lover in the past tense

You already had them

Work at 8 A.M., finish ’round five

Hoes talk down, you don’t see ’em outside

Yeah, they don’t really be the same offline

You know dark days, you know hard times

Doin’ overtime for the last month

Saturday, call the girls, get ’em gassed up

With your phone out, snappin’ like you Fabo

And you showin’ off, but it’s alright

And you showin’ off, but it’s alright

It’s a short life

So let me know what where you thoughts on online dating, would you dare too do it or would you not. And I really don’t think it makes you a bad person , the world can be lonely without someone special. So I hope all of us single mothers get there happy ending.. Here’s to you blessing you with some of my cyber space light and many Rays of love…. Peace phonelove3.png

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