When your kid cries

So I always start my blog off with the I haven’t posted for a while. Well that’s the truth. When you a single mom there simply is not time to write, work, live and do all the things you have too. But today I some what felt like I need to share this.

Being a single mom isn’t always as easy as it may seem. People have this perception that everything is easier well sorry its not.

I got home from work yesterday had to help my daughter with a project. We spent the better half of the evening cutting and pasting and debating about what should go where and what colors were perfect. We ended the evening quite pleased with our project and she very excited for the next day.

And then I get a message when are you coming home mommy.. This is always an indication that something is wrong. And I get home today from work only to find her spirit shattered and her mood a bit up side down. So I asked her would you like to talk about it and all she said it was a bad day let’s not go there…. After a while she opened up about her project and how her team mate left her hanging which resulted in her getting an average mark, for something she thought was worth a high score.

And here I find myself explaining life and team work to a eight year old. I didn’t know what to say but I tried and that was the basis of everything. To always try.

So here’s to every mom out there always try, do not give up when the moments that make you second guess yourself, try and always try. So today myself and my daughter learnt a lesson in always trying our best.

Kids today have it tough out there and the last thing that they need is parents not showing them what is right. And it also made me think about my life. I been juggling things trying to be every where and do everything I can. But I needed to show myself that sometimes trying is good enough.

You can’t always get a high score but it’s the effort that counts. So when you kid cries and had a tough day there’s really nothing better than ice cream cake to make any day better….. Much love and light sent out there to the few that read my blogs. But every inch of respect to every single mom out there. And to every kid out there keep your head up this too shall pass….. Peace, love and prosperity

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