What I need my kid to know

Hey Cyber blog world

I know I have not blogged for a minute. As we all need to understand that life is busy and sometimes we need to take time out to value the important things.  So I had a few things to share.

To those that follow my blogs know that I am a single mother and as of late I came to realization of something real and something very important for my daughter.

So this year was the 4th anniversary of my late father’s death, and I was asked a very deep question. I was asked do you miss your father since you did not live with him? For a moment , this moment  I did not share with anyone, nor my partner standing right next to me. But I felt some what hurt by the question. Does it mean that since you are not living with your father for majority of your life, that you did not miss your father? Damn you will miss any father like figure. And I was reminded again of my very own daughter who does not know her father at all. And I somehow just thought damn what if she is missing this as well.

My parents did not have the perfect marriage, jeezz!!!!! show me a perfect marriage by all means. But I was taught from an early age that love is not what my house showed. And I say house because to me home has so much more value. A child from a broken home had to grow up and show up.  And when I say show up, I mean that I had to be the support my mother needed , the support my brothers needed. And I grew up seeing to everything and everyone else needs first. And I use to tell myself that this is not what I wanted for my kids. But life turned out differently, yes I got married and no it did not work out, but that is life, it was a lesson.

Yes after that I had a few failed relationships and you know what was this really teaching my daughter. Was it teaching my daughter the same message that I was taught, that it is okay for love to hurt, that it is OK to feel less worthy of yourself for the sake of making a man happy.

Heck I had to wake up from that damn quick and I had to make the mature and conscious decision that this is not the love that I will teach my daughter. No I will teach her that love is warm and it helps your grow and feel worthy of a smile. I will teach her that your house should not just be a house, but it should be a home.

To the entire single moms that had faced so many trials and tribulations in life. Please do not give up. Heck I gave up at times but you know what The All Mighty works in way you cannot possibly imagine.  The blessings coming your way, my word once you feel those blessings there are no words to express it. But the point that I need to stress, especially when it comes to our kids. Is to show them that life goes on, show them what love is, what life is but to always keep the morals and mindset that nothing is impossible. And it is even more of a blessings once you have a partner in your life that is committed to not only you but your kids and have the mutual agreement that you will and you are always going to show your kids what love is and what it feels like.

So from Ray sending you light , love and strength and as my person says and as my late grand father had said ” the sun shall shine again tomorrow”


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